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Durisol Blocks - Oxwich

Insulated concrete forms are becoming more popular and can achieve good U Values, structurally stable, quick to install and removes the need for cavity wall construction. kPa are appointed as Structural Engineers for a small but beautiful Gower cottage and have designed the building using Insulated Concrete Forms (IFC) for the exterior walls.

Installation can take place in almost any weather and works have started in earnest on site at Oxwich and are progressing well. The blocks manufactured from woodcrete are dry staked and have a cast insitu concrete core. They are compatible with precast concrete beam and block floor and steelwork and have been used in Canada up to 20 storeys in height. The core can be reinforced giving high strength, flexural capacity and items such as lintels be easily cast as an integral part of the concrete pour.

Although not new we expect to see more of this form of construction in the future as their popularity increases.

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