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Contemporary Idle Rocks Langland

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Existing House and Garage - Before Construction

From a humble garage to a contemporary guest wing to for a luxury Langland home.

kPa teamed up with Hyde + Hyde architects to deliver a stunning addition to this property.

Foundation Under Construction

The extension is quarried into the limestone rock of the cliff side behind.

Design incorporated a reinforced stepped raft foundation with reinforced masonry retaining walls.

The frame is of timber walls, floors and roofs with a stiffening steel 'picture' frame bracing to front and rear to provide clear openings and lateral stability. Long glued and screwed timber floors provide diaphragm action and stability between front and rear.

New Extension - Front

Sufficient ground investigation works were carried out to ensure we knew enough about the rock and buildings alongside to confidently excavate with no temporary retaining structure.

All construction elements needed to be sized for hand erection due to the difficulties with the steep ground levels and limited access.

New Extension - Side

The new wing complements the original building and neatly nestles into the cliff and between the existing properties.

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